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Entry #9

New Tablet and Stuff

2008-09-14 23:48:01 by Ertyguy

I'm just posting to state that i have finally bought a tablet. So if i learn to draw you'll see me submitting stuff. (But maybe a bit later)

Also I got spore. What an awesome game, I love the creature stage, and the cell stage the most.
Nevermiond about spore being so great, after the creature stage the gameplay kind of dries up. So the cell stage shall always remain my favourite.

New Tablet and Stuff


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2008-09-28 12:26:08

Canada rulez.
I r an Cunadien 2.


2008-11-21 16:58:41

Oh man, i gotta wait for christmas to get my tablet ;/ but have fun with urs!