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Are there more than 30 lvls?

2007-07-17 17:58:19 by Ertyguy

Just figuring things out. This new layout is kinda freaky but i'm sure it will grow on my. I can't wait for all the rush to leave and the lag to die down. The blog systems pretty cool and such. I've only found the lvl 1-30 icons. i presume there's more because people are talking about it but i'm not sure where to look or if there even there. I think there is though since level 30 i a machette. I think NG team can think of a cooler weapon than a machette.

*Side Note i really hate the BBS icons, they seam big and clumsy. Giving the forums this crowded feel to it. Also they have a Chucky like (by Chucky i mean horror child) feel to it. The BBS are going to be like blocks and this killer doll will walk through your screen and kill everyone who spams with his level 30 machete which he stole from Pimp in the most ironic way possible (Chucky pimp slapped Pimp). THE END

*Side Side Note Dam that was one big side note. I swear the letters flow out of my like poop from an old man who like to drink a lot of water.


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2007-07-17 18:05:28

Everything about newgrounds is cluttered now because it's been pumped full of too many epic features...

also there are 60 levels but the highest curretn held level is 50 (held by PIMP)

check the rankings on the main bar


2007-07-17 18:06:58

Yes there are 60 levels


2007-07-18 04:09:42

in case you're still wondering evel.html


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