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Now this is confusing

Not the flash, but i did see it and watch it after it was on Tom's things you might have missed this weak the second or third week of January. I don't question the front page, I just wonder how it works.
Very nice though, and it seems that original pixel movies to old videogame music is the hot thing this month.

Anyway, the movies alright, but i especially like the beginning and watching the rain drop convert everything to pixels.

Love the backgrounds

At first i wasn't going to post a review, but after seeing tyhat there are 1,663 ahead of me i knew you would be reading mine because it's special.

The Weebl, i like that although you kept the same type of song you branched off of magical Trevor before it got too old.
Wonchop, great narwhal animations, and i really like those backgrounds, especially after seeing how you made them on your page.

Overall good flash, the song is catchy (A bit repetitive but beggars can't be choosers, a bit short, and altogether pretty damn solid.

Pretty funny

I actually laughed out loud when they said to stay away from the car and it got shot. Mostly because playing with friends i have done this.

The quality is pretty good,
It almost felt like the game between the jokes because of the sounds and music.
I loved the rasist jokes (don't we all)
Not quite enough sexist jokes but oh well.

Over all i found it great, but the name still gets me...

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It was alright

I found it lagged for me even though 1 turned the quality to low because there was always shit moving.
The puzzles were way too overcomplicated and hard. I remember playing the sequel and having fun using like 200 shapes to move the square but this game starts at level insane and just goes up from there.
I like the choice of music, mostly because it included the same song from the last game that i liked.
Pretty good game but like i said too hard too fast.

Amazingly awesome

Who needs blockhead right? This game beats all. Like starcraft but in Mastermind form. Anyway I'm going to keep this short because i'm still playing.
Great Job,
God < Swain or something like that

Wow really professional

It was nice mostly because i could see some 5-8 year old playing this game off a disk or in a school.

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ya about that

no to rain on your parade but i only really like the first verse because it was catchy i found the rest too umm.. how do i put it. stupid

i like the guitars adds a zipish fealing to it

really great piece it's a jumpy i want to play mario like song thnx for it.

I have been lacking major insparation lately but theres not much i can do about that.

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