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New Tablet and Stuff

2008-09-14 23:48:01 by Ertyguy

I'm just posting to state that i have finally bought a tablet. So if i learn to draw you'll see me submitting stuff. (But maybe a bit later)

Also I got spore. What an awesome game, I love the creature stage, and the cell stage the most.
Nevermiond about spore being so great, after the creature stage the gameplay kind of dries up. So the cell stage shall always remain my favourite.

New Tablet and Stuff

Happy Pico day

2008-04-30 00:09:53 by Ertyguy

Sorry no submissions from me, I've been too busy playing Video Games, and working on a flash game pla former, but with a lot of obstacles, instead of enemies. Check it out on the games section of my crappy site.

Hid the easter eggs

2008-03-25 18:10:25 by Ertyguy

Well let me start this post by telling you all a very very short story.

I had just returned from town, I then read on my pixelated computer screen that it was Saturday 3:15, "Oh golly no" i said "I only have 8 hours and 45 minutes until easter i better get started on a flash" I then made a flash and submitted it the next day at noonish.

The End

Hid the easter eggs

Prototype Solid Snake game

2008-02-17 15:43:47 by Ertyguy

I used sprites but so far I think it'll still get a decent score. I programmed the engine and now for the hard part. The story and detail into the background.

Although I've never played a snake game I found some sprites and said "Hey why not work on your AS" so i did
I usually make a game and take script from my older flashes. But here I made it ground up new. The controls are a bit confusing but once you get them there workable.
- Controls -
A - take out gun, reload if gun is already out - puts gun away if reloaded
D - Shoots
X - Jump
C - Roll
Down - Crawl, Kneel if holding gun
Left, Right - Move

The game takes a bit to load but it's worth it

Philosophy Flash

2008-01-15 00:24:53 by Ertyguy

Just posting to remind myself that in 1 week i have a philosophy 2-5 minute flash due and so far today i made the 30 sec intro, it has to do with self, aesthetics, and ethics, i have all my questions, and main ideas now the hardest part is lip syncing, drawing and timing with everything.
The drawings suck because I'm pretty F'ed on time.

Kick the Cat

2008-01-09 22:15:51 by Ertyguy

I recently designed a 4 level game where you kick a cat from one side of the level to the other just to be teleported and doing it all over again, the game isn't that great but for me i would say it did pretty good.

To play go to and right now it's the only thing on

Anyway I just posted this because my last post was about a crappy free site


My Site, be nice and visit

2007-08-12 22:32:47 by Ertyguy

I know in my last post i was talking about my site. Now i'm talking about how for some reason my stats say like 4 people visited one day but my home page was refreshed like 40 times. I know it isn't including me because i used a site that ID's my ip address.

Visit my site and win an E-cookie, with extra (insert internet lingo here)

New Site

2007-07-30 22:16:06 by Ertyguy

I made a new site before i left on summer vacation. Now All i'm doing is swimming and scuba-diving which is an amazing experience. Not much time for NG but i got to keep depositing or i know i'll never reach the level with the samurai sword, lol. My site is really basic but something weird happened last night. Someone must have come on and refreshed a bunch because When i left it last night it had 30 hits (mostly me) but now it has over 100... not sure what happened but man is it weird. (not sure wether to get slightly annoyed or rejoice ^.^)

Be a pal and visit

Are there more than 30 lvls?

2007-07-17 17:58:19 by Ertyguy

Just figuring things out. This new layout is kinda freaky but i'm sure it will grow on my. I can't wait for all the rush to leave and the lag to die down. The blog systems pretty cool and such. I've only found the lvl 1-30 icons. i presume there's more because people are talking about it but i'm not sure where to look or if there even there. I think there is though since level 30 i a machette. I think NG team can think of a cooler weapon than a machette.

*Side Note i really hate the BBS icons, they seam big and clumsy. Giving the forums this crowded feel to it. Also they have a Chucky like (by Chucky i mean horror child) feel to it. The BBS are going to be like blocks and this killer doll will walk through your screen and kill everyone who spams with his level 30 machete which he stole from Pimp in the most ironic way possible (Chucky pimp slapped Pimp). THE END

*Side Side Note Dam that was one big side note. I swear the letters flow out of my like poop from an old man who like to drink a lot of water.